Build your Body

Product Design

The Project

A week long sprint to create a new experience to help us better understand our potential user and their problems.

From our discussions we decided to create an interactive survey, advertised to our customer segments across social media and incentivised with a cash prize. From this we could collect more specific data on user reactions and issues, and use this in working towards building a solution.

To keep to our short deadline, I created wireframes in collaboration with the development team. We planned together to spec out the limitations of the project and what we could realistically create within the short development cycle. The team set out to create a unstyled functional version from the wireframes, while I worked on the visuals. The plan was to launch our initial version to a single segment and release improvements in future iteratations.

I had just over a day to create and sign off the visual design to keep to our deadline. I quickly threw together the first version of the design and opened it up to feedback from some of my colleagues. The feedback we received mainly focussed around it feeling cold and clinical like a health and fitness app, rather than something fun. With this in mind, I went back to the copy and re-wrote the questions to be more conversational, then switched up the colours in my sketch symbols.

The Outcome

In the end we created a mobile only online survey within the timeframe. Despite everything being ready to launch, the project was unfortunately pulled last minute for reasons well out of our control.