Illustration and Product

The Brief

To build upon an existing fashion discovery experiment, increase performance metrics and validate it's exisitence.

The Project

"Crowd" is a fashion discovery mobile web application, which uses a hack in our tech to display 3D models. Each model is an order from the left and users can scroll horizontally to browse a collection of outfits.

Traffic to the product came from advertisements across social media, aimed at four diffrent Korean user personas. As users navigate the app they can rotate models, like outfits and visit retailer sites to buy.

I joined this project halfway through it's life span. It had been encountering problems with activating users. Huge levels of traffic were coming to the app, but users were dropping off and failing to scroll right.

Due to technical restraints we were only able to solve this problem visually. Having previously tried to educate users with a "Slide Here" style prompt. Unfortunately this made only a minor improvement. So I began experimenting with animation, cropping and mascots, in an attempt to better engage our Korean userbase.

Introducing the mascots to the product gained a lot of positive feedback in user testing. Our sessions with Korean users, taught us that this was something very familiar to them. They loved the cute characters and how they helped them use the application. Yet we also found that users did not like the collection and thought the product looked boring.

We set out to encompass these discoveries into our next iteration. Starting with an established brand collection by House of Holland. From this I began to create a more cohesive visual experience using assets and mascots based on their patterns and colour schemes.

The Outcome

We launched the final crowd with an updated set of assets, and it ran for little over a week. Despite a small increase to metrics we felt the level of user engagement was not high enough to warrant further development. Shortly after launch we decided to put an end to the project, and direct our focus elsewhere.

Although the experiment only had a short lifespan, I was left with an awesome set of cute characters that with the help of my mate Dem, developed into an iOS sticker pack.

Happy Mascot Happy Time

iOS Sticker Pack

The Sticker Pack

In the hope of learning the skills to launch sticker packs, we set out to release something completely nonsensical, as a way for us to learn the ins and outs. After a few nights working to clean up and compile the illustrations, and assets for different devices, we launched the sticker pack "Happy Mascot Happy Time" on June 20th 2017.

The pack features a selection of our finest mascots, alongside Korean translations of meaningless buzz words. Download the set below.