The Little Pink Book of Pinups

Responsive Design and Development

The Brief

A short project to create a website for a book of illustrations and raise money for charity.

The Process

I wanted the navigation and style of the website to reflect upon the minimalist layout of the printed book. I kept the navigation to a minimum, with only 3 items, as to not over burden the user. The slideshow controls are visible but unobtrusive and ultimately do not distract from the main focus of the landing page; the book.

The slideshow worked really well on desktop, but on mobile and tablet the images became too small and were failing to emphasise the book. After testing the site, I found the slider controls were also too close together to work on a touchscreen device.

After a few iterations, I solved the image sizing issues using media queries at different screen resolutions, with varying sizes for optimal viewing. I made the slider controls larger, with more spacing and fixed to the bottom of the screen so that they were more obvious on mobile and tablet, whilst still offering a simple interaction.