Meta U

Interactive Experience Design

The Brief

For my final university project I wanted to develop an effective way to teach the general population about the issues surrounding meta data accessibility and online identity. I felt there was a huge lack of awareness in this area and wanted to try and devise a way to tackle it.

The Result

Meta U is an interactive exhibit of digital experiences and installations, called Nodes. At each Node visitors are prompted to scan a card. The Node is designed to teach the user something about data collection, whilst recording their inputs to that card. At the nal Node visitors can redeem their data for a glimpse into their abstracted digital selves.

The Aim

The exhibition sets out to teach its visitors about the negative sides of online activity and data collection by allowing users to come to their own conclusions on the subject matter through interactive exploration and participation. I wanted Meta U to act as a platform to educate and promote discussion on the issues, whilst trying to avoid terrifying visitors.

The Brand

Alongside the covert data collection, I also wanted to create a generative evolving brand. In a similar way to how your online identity is sculpted by your internet activity, the branding for Meta U adapts and changes in response to user inputs.