WSA GA'14 Degree Show Catalogue

Branding and Print Design

The Brief

A collaborative project to develop a brand identity for the WSA Graphic Arts 2014 degree show.

The Process

We began this process by holding several discussions and workshops for fellow students. Together we collated ideas and concepts to encompass the goals and aims of our end of year show.

Collectively we agreed on what we as a course wanted to try and achieve in the run up to the show. As well as developing some innovative ways to effectively interact with industry members, to build interest around the exhibit.

Together we formed a small design team of five and set out to take the ideas on board and build an intricate brand identity. Working along side three other teams; Online, Promotion and Exhibition, we collaborated to create a carefully considered framework, which we then implemented across the exhibit.

The Brand

The overall concept for the exhibition was a nameless brand consisting of four dots. Each of the four dots represented one of the four course pathways, setting out as an empty space designed to be filled with visitor’s feedback.

Together we worked to implement the brand across the entire exhibition, in both London and Winchester. Alongside this we also created a 122 page catalogue, to document our time on the course and provide information on each student and their final major projects.